Our Academic Offer

Uniciti International Education Hub is committed to elevating our academic program through the establishment of strategic partnerships with renowned international institutions. 

Our aim is to effectively address the rising demand for skilled graduates in our four sectoral poles, both locally and internationally. As a part of our overarching mission to enhance our academic offerings and deliver maximum value to our students, UIEH places great emphasis on the principles of differentiation and uniqueness.

Our Poles


Business Management and Finance



Partner with us

Discover how we can partner to create a valuable academic experience in Mauritius. 

Rental of Facilities

  • Rental of existing buildings;
  • No participation of UIEH in academic delivery.  
  • Campus support optional (student experience, student accommodation) 

Co-delivery of programs

  • UIEH co-delivers programs with a foreign Partner University, which awards the degrees.
  • UIEH responsible for program accreditation, marketing, recruitment of students, local resource faculty and students’ campus experience.
  • Tuition fees cater for administrative, rental, hiring of faculty, marketing, etc and profits shared on a pro rata basis.


  • UIEH offers programmes fully on behalf of a foreign partner. Degree awarded by the foreign partner;
  • UIEH responsible for program accreditation, marketing, recruitment of students and local resource faculty;
  • Tuition fees shared between UIEH and Partner University on an agreed basis.

Branch Campus

  • Partner University responsible for all operations and logistics.

  • Medine provides the necessary new infrastructure (buildings and campus) on a rental basis and is a shareholder

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