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Uniciti International Education Hub is the corporate training arm of Medine Group and as an MQA Approved Training institution, we aim to equip the professionals with the needed skills to achieve and sustain Transformational Impact. 

Our key thrust Training & Skills Development emphases to offering stimulating, cutting-edge, and practical professional courses and solutions that meet the learning and developmental needs of corporates. 

We believe an organisation’s capabilities are the most important competitive differentiator today and, in the future, in order to adapt to the next normal.  

UIEH support organisations to build capabilities at scale to drive change. Our programs are built to empower the professionals of Medine Group and other companies of Mauritius, from the top team to the bottom-line employees. 

Since our establishment in 2013, we have had a successful and impressive track record as we have trained over 500 professionals annually. We pride ourselves in our wide selection of high-quality courses - our corporate training courses focus on niche areas such as Design Thinking, Leadership, Corporate Sustainability, Compliance, Artificial intelligence (AI), Finance and more to allow our learners to keep up with evolving industry trends. 


Our partnership with MCB Institute of Finance

Uniciti International Education Hub in partnership with MCB Institute of Finance also aims at providing students and professionals alike with the financial know-how and know-how-to-be while aspiring at becoming the African reference in the emergence and support of financial sector talents. 

We firmly intend to reinforce the position of Mauritius as a financial sector of excellence, which can nurture talented professionals, provide new impetus to the local and regional financial landscape, create new job opportunities and boost careers. 

Our Approach

Develop your leaders

We aim at developing leaders who can build highly effective teams, navigate change, and deliver exceptional business results.

Engage your people

We help businesses build the power skills of personal and interpersonal effectiveness to unlock the potential in them. 

Build a winning culture

We aim at helping business build a high-trust, inclusive culture where great ideas thrive, and people can do their very best. 

Achieve breakthrough events

We help businesses turn sporadic performance into a system of consistent, predictable results for them.

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Compliance training is a crucial type of training needed to inform employees of the organisation’s regulations, policies, or adherence to laws. 

The term compliance refers to the notion of accepting and agreeing and is used to describe the training because of its mandatory nature. 

Compliance training is often mandatory for employees because it serves to protect an organisation’s values, policies, and commitment to the law. 

Disregarding the required rules, regulations, or policies within an organization can have drastic consequences, including loss of employment, fines, criminal prosecution, audits, or damage to the business’s reputation. 

Having employees meet a standard of compliance training ensures that an organization has secured legal accountability. 

Employees will often need to complete compliance training by certain deadlines in order for the organisation and its employees to be complying. 

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Master the latest financial techniques, tools and strategies with our range of short courses designed for finance and non-finance professionals. Led by subject matter specialist, we give you the insight and edge to navigate today’s fast-changing landscape. 

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Leadership, Coaching & Strategy 

Our Leadership, Coaching & Strategy programme creates self-awareness, provides critical challenge and support, and helps drive transformational change. 

To embrace leadership development into a deeper and more sustainable level, our programme is devised to empower an individual leader, a team workgroup, or an entire workforce to unlock their full potential which will create a lasting impact on an organization’s ecosystem of leadership. 

From personalized and professional coaching for executives, to coaching integrated into a development program, to building conversational skills and scaling a culture of feedback across the enterprise — our leadership services and programs can help your organization navigate complexity and improve results. 

And the best part? All of our high-impact leadership development coaching services can be delivered virtually, via phone, videoconferencing— allowing for unparalleled flexibility to meet your needs. 

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Personal Development & Wellness

Professional development involves developing yourself in your role to entirely understand the job you do and how you can improve. It involves enhancing the necessary skills to carry out your role as effectively as possible and is something that will continue throughout your working life. 

Effective personal and professional development involves ensuring your knowledge and understanding of your area of expertise for your career is always at the highest possible level. It is the acquisition of skills and knowledge for career advancement, but it also includes an element of personal development. 

Broadly speaking, it may include formal types of coaching or training that leads to a career enhancement. It can also include informal training and development programmes, which may be delivered on the job in order to develop and enhance skills. 

These could be delivered in many different methods, such as classroom-based learning, eLearning, coaching.  

We have a specialised division of Personal Development experts that will tailor the delivery of any of the courses to be specific to your situation and learning needs. 

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Sustainability & ESG

Corporate leaders are confronting a growing list of environmental and social issues that pose serious risks and opportunities for their businesses.  To succeed in today’s uncertain world, managers need the skills, knowledge and tools to build a future-fit organization that has broad stakeholder support and innovative solutions to challenges such as climate change and societal inequities.  We have developed globally recognized research and training on corporate sustainability. 

Participants will learn how to identify and tackle material ESG issues, understand how to develop business strategy related to climate change and other ESG issues, receive insights into ground-breaking research on consumer purchasing of sustainable products, develop the analytical tools to monetize financial returns on different sustainability practices, understand investor trends, and be conversant with the major reporting and disclosure standards.  Our course equips professionals with the skills and tools needed to design and implement sustainable practices in your organization as well as improve your own career development. 

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Design Thinking & Innovation

Our interactive and powerful workshop helps professional to apply the behaviours and creative thinking skills that lead to new solutions for improved outcomes.  

Design Thinking is a problem-solving technique that is used to design products and services based on understanding the needs of the people that will be using the product or service.  

Design Thinking in a Nutshell: 

  • Identifying a question or problem within a company. 
  • Look at what solutions already exist. 
  • Use those and the knowledge of your users (empathy) to arrive at potential solutions. 
  • Build a prototype. 
  • Gather feedback on your prototype from employees and, more importantly, from users. 
  • Make required changes to your prototype until you satisfy the users. 

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