Aligning Personal and Employer’s Brand to create value

MQA approved and HRDC refundable*

About the course

This course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to align personal values with their employer's brand identity, crafting a compelling personal brand that harmonizes with the organization's ethos.

Through digital communication tools, attendees enhance their professional image in line with the employer brand, strategically contributing to organizational goals.

Topics covered include Understanding Employer Branding, Crafting Personal-Professional Narratives, Leveraging Digital Communication, and Networking and Branding Strategies.

Delivered by

Patricia Aliphon

Date: 13th May 2024

Time: 9 am to 4 pm

Venue: Pierrefonds Campus

Deadline to register: 6th May 2024

Fees: Rs 22,000 per participant

*Provided that all criteria for the refund of training fees have been met by the employers

Course objectives and contents

  • Course Objectives

  • Course Contents

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Understand and align their personal values and attributes with their employer's brand identity.
  • Develop a compelling personal brand identity that seamlessly integrates with the employer's brand.
  • Utilize digital communication tools to enhance their professional image in alignment with the employer's brand.
  • Create professional value by strategically contributing to organizational goals.

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Contact number: 401 2400 / 2412

About the speaker

Patricia Aliphon

With 28 years of corporate experience across diverse industries, Patricia is a seasoned business strategist dedicated to enhancing businesses' potential.

Collaborating closely with C-Suite executives, she offers personal and professional coaching, fostering clarity and a holistic approach. Her leadership coaching inspires authentic and serene leadership paths. Patricia's expertise spans project management for landmark hotels, administrative and retail roles in petroleum multinationals, and digital marketing leadership. 

As the founder of Zensense, she delivers unique training programs blending business knowledge and trending topics, with a focus on personal branding aligned with employers' brands.

Passionate about community empowerment, she serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director on CSI Energy Group and volunteers for initiatives supporting FinTech, Women in Tech, and youth mentoring.