Learn how to navigate complex changes within your organisation and deliver impactful results for the business and your people. 

MQA Approved & HRDC refundable

About the course

18 & 19 May 2023

2 Days (12 Hours) 

Rs 25,000 per participant

MQA Approved and HRDC refundable


UIEH Pierrefonds Campus. (See map)

Learn to manage change effectively and achieve greater productivity, performance, and service delivery with our Strategic Change Management course.

Master the different methodologies and approaches used to manage change in an organisation, identify issues and obstacles related to change, plan and execute a transformation project, manage resistance to change, and evaluate the impact of change. 

Join us and acquire the necessary tools to take a more strategic approach to managing and delivering impactful change for your organisation.

Course Outline

Understanding change

  • Why is it so difficult to change?
  • Types of change and their characteristics – Great contemporary changes
  • The impacts of change on individuals and organizations
  • The different phases of the change process

Supporting change

  • Posture and welcome
  • Master the fundamentals of intra- and interpersonal communication
  • Management of resistance and conflicts: Mediation and Negotiation
  • Leadership and team mobilization

Operational approaches to Change Management

  • Individual change management methodologies
  • Change management models for teams
  • Driving transformation in the organization: cognizant Enquiry
  • Selecting the right approach based on the situation

Change planning and implementation

  • Innovation and creativity into a transformation project
  • Risk management
  • Management of the change implementation process – The strategic analysis grid
  • Monitor and measure the impact of change
  • Collecting feedback and feedback
  • The necessary adjustments and continuous improvement

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About the trainer

Stéphanie Plessis CEO Intelligences Alternatives Ltd

Stephanie Plessis is an experienced trainer, coach, and consultant with over 15 years of expertise in various fields, including professional coaching, smart leadership, mediation, sustainability, and CSR. 

She holds a Master's degree in Philosophy and Sociology from the University Paris Sorbonne and has worked as a Pedagogical Director for doctoral students in Human and Social Sciences at the same university.

Stephanie has also held the position of Human Resource Managing Director in the corporate world. With her background in human psychology studies, Stephanie emphasizes emotional connections for effective communication in work, business, and personal lives.