Learn how to perceive, use and organize your time
in an effective and sustainable way. 

MQA Approved & HRDC refundable

About the course

20 & 21 April 2023

2 Days (12 Hours) 

Rs 20,000 per participant

MQA Approved and HRDC refundable


Pierrefonds Campus, UNICITI Education Hub, Pierrefonds, 72448, Mauritius

The Effective Time Management course is designed to equip participants with practical skills and strategies to manage their time effectively and sustainably. 

This workshop is aimed at individuals who want to enhance their personal and professional performance, as well as managers who want to improve their team's productivity.

Course Outline

Time management strategies

  • Introduction to time management: the basic concepts Fundamental approach and necessity
  • Strategic planning

Prioritization of tasks

  • Perception and cognitive bias
  • Prioritization tools
  • Identify your talent areas
  • Self-awareness and the right attitude

Time management techniques

  • Sequence work and project management Time optimization
  • The case of distraction
  • Effectively use time management tools as well as digital tools
  • The GTD Method: Getting Things Done Pomodoro Technique

The talents of Times Management

  • Setting Priorities Maximizing Time and Strategic Vision
  • Clarify requests and translate them into operational objectives
  • The decision protocols
  • Use mind mapping
  • Maintain motivation and manage procrastination
  • Concentration and mental skills optimal performance and the concept of activation
  • The 9 laws of time management

Mental workload and time management

  • Stress management tools:
    • Problem-solving techniques
    • Subjective reality and stress management
    • Organizing and factualizing
    • Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal
    • Communication in Time Management

Course Objective :
By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • enhance your professional and personal goals;
  • develop techniques to organize and structure your time and tasks and those of your team;
  • manage priorities and make appropriate decisions;
  • reduce stress and anxiety;
  • develop a clear personal strategy to limit the mental load; and
  • improve individual and collective productivity.

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About the trainer

Stéphanie Plessis CEO Intelligences Alternatives Ltd

Stephanie Plessis is an experienced trainer, coach, and consultant with over 15 years of expertise in various fields, including professional coaching, smart leadership, mediation, sustainability, and CSR. 

She holds a Master's degree in Philosophy and Sociology from the University Paris Sorbonne and has worked as a Pedagogical Director for doctoral students in Human and Social Sciences at the same university.

Stephanie has also held the position of Human Resource Managing Director in the corporate world. With her background in human psychology studies, Stephanie emphasizes emotional connections for effective communication in work, business, and personal lives.