Innovation Through Inclusive Leadership

This programme draws from research and the behavioural sciences to equip leaders with frameworks
and practical toolkits to generate the right ecosystem for innovation.

MQA Approved & HRDC refundable

About the training

21st and 22nd September 2023

9am – 4pm

Rs 45,000 per participant

MQA Approved and HRDC refundable


UIEH Pierrefonds Campus. (See map)

Research demonstrates that technical tools and processes are not enough, in themselves, to enable innovation. It takes inclusive leaders to harness the value of Diversity to generate innovation.
This bespoke Inclusive Leadership Programme is designed to trigger the process and culture changes necessary to enhance business outputs and support innovation.

This programme is designed to result in immediate applicability through a combination of shared expertise from the trainer and peer-to-peer practice-focused break-out sessions. The small group-size interactive setting enables the generation of context-specific insights.

It is supported by study material, and access to the trainer by email for a month after the completion of the training, which will help leaders to fine-tune their Inclusive Leadership styles and action plans.

Course Objectives: 

  1. Challenge current leadership notions and popular notions of innovation, and present an enabling framework for the leader’s role in innovation;
  2. Create awareness of the benefits of diversity, diversity of thinking and inclusion to business outcomes and innovation;
  3. Develop Inclusive Leadership competencies that enable innovation;
  4. Support leaders in defining their goals in inclusive leadership with clear actions.

Course Outline:

Day 1: 

  • Exploring Innovation
  • Understanding Diversity and Inclusion as business-critical
  • Connecting the dots between Diversity, Inclusion, and innovation in your organisations
  • Exploring the six competencies of an Inclusive Leader

Day 2:

  • Experiencing Inclusive Leadership
  • Application: Developing a framework for innovation
  • Application: Enabling and harnessing Innovation
  • Personal action and development plan for the Inclusive Leader

Is this course for me?

If you are a leader in a business and industry in which innovation is critical, then this programme is for you. You will develop the key traits of an inclusive leader and be equipped with the tools to leverage diversity and diversity of thought to generate innovation in the specific contexts and complex (micro) cultures of Mauritius.

You will understand the processes that link diversity, inclusion, leadership, and innovation in Mauritius as it emerges from patterns determined by the past and strives for disruptive and enabling ones to remain competitive on the global market.

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About the trainer

Dr Roshni Mooneeram

Dr Roshni Mooneeram is a consultant in Diversity and Inclusion and Organisational Development, Inclusive Leadership Development, Culture Transformation with a global career.

Working across public and private sectors in Africa, Asia and Europe has provided her with innovative insights in Inclusive Leadership and Innovation. She takes a systemic and evidence-based approach. Her portfolio of Diversity and Inclusion services enables organisation to connect the dots between diversity, inclusion, performance and innovation through process and culture transformation.

Prior to her consultancy work, she worked as an academic for ten years and remain Honorary Associate Professor of the University of Nottingham, UK. She continues to draw from her academic networks to tap into emerging knowledge in EDI which allows her to bring an evidence-based approach to her consultancy work.

She holds a PhD in the Social Sciences from the University of Leeds, Level 7 Award in Learning and Development from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development of London, Executive Certificate in Inclusive Leadership through Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She sit on a number of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Boards in Europe as well as support a number of organisation in the UK and Europe.