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Energy Transitions: the world of digital

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Guest Speaker

Elena Gaura - Professor of Pervasive Computing, FWES Coventry University, UK

About the lecture

The talk will seek to bring about an understanding of the role of Smart Local Energy Systems in designing energy provision, delivery and consumption, with reference to the sub-Sahara context. We will identify some challenges and benefits of transitioning to digitalised energy systems and bringing into the energy infrastructure new renewable energy options.

We will offer some insights into key structures/design principles that can aid in creating culturally appropriate, responsive, and ethical energy systems. We will seek to bring forth the role of communities in shaping the future of energy.

About the guest speaker

Elena Gaura - Professor of Pervasive Computing, FWES, Coventry University, UK

Elena is a Professor of Pervasive Computing. Her work concerns the inception of sensor based systems to resolve applications where intelligent processing of data at source (sensing point) is critical in order to enable decision making. She is a Board of Directors Member at the UK’s Women’s Engineering Society and serves on the External Advisory Board at the Sensors Centre for Doctoral Training Cambridge University. Elena is the National Co-Director for the UK’s Doctoral Training Alliance and an Honorary/Adjunct Professor at Deakin and Macquarie Universities, Australia.

Sponsored by the British Council and UK Research Councils, Elena delivered global capacity building programmes for women researchers to further enable them to access STEM positions. Her work recognises the value of women having access to resources and training that support ambition, encourage responsible innovation, and build collaborative networks. She serves in the humanitarian engineering energy sector, developing ways to engage women with renewable technologies in the Global South, as pathways to empowerment and employment.