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Tales of a traveller from MIT in the digital age

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Time of the session

4:00 pm

Guest Speaker

Tian Lin

The digital age has transformed what it means to work and travel in 2024 and continues to welcome new possibilities with every coming year. This talk will get you to think about your own career and life and how you can take advantage of the technologies that make it easier than ever to work remotely, travel, or even both at the same time.

Tian’s travel stories are testaments to the fulfilling experience of finding opportunities in interesting places and the value of courage in the face of numerous rejections and setbacks. Despite the fear of the unknown, let’s say yes to ourselves, our future, and memories that will last a lifetime.

The talk will also delve into remote jobs options that sprung up as a result of the recent pandemic and into how modern technologies aid 21st-century travelers. Finally, the intersection between working and traveling will be discussed. Tian will add sprinkles of her anecdotal experience to spice up this talk.

About the speaker

Tian Lin is a person who wears many hats. At the moment, she considers herself an actor, software engineer, teacher, and content creator. Tian is also an MIT graduate who studied Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Theater Arts. She took her studies all over the world through the form of internships and conservatories.

On the tech side of things, she is interested in creating impactful and user-friendly products that will improve people’s quality of life. Her software engineering interests include green energy, robotics, and assistive technology. As an artist, while all forms of art tickle her fancy, she loves acting. She continues to pursue her goals of television and film acting, even while travelling.

Originally from Bronx, New York, she grew up in a low-income household which dashed all her dreams of travelling the world. After becoming the first in her family to go to college, Tian realized that what seemed insurmountable could be overcome with immense courage. Today, you can see her constantly trying new things and taking the leap to make her dreams come true. Follow her journey on Instagram and YouTube @tian_creator.