Campus Life

Uniciti Education Hub’s ambition is to cater for much more than academic excellence. Student experience is at the heart of what we do, and we enjoy providing an inclusive lifestyle that combines our students needs and requirements.

Our offer therefore naturally includes on-campus student accommodation, recreational areas and cafeterias, augmented by our smart city offerings of an outdoor and varied shopping mall, a modern high-end multi-sports centre and an upcoming green park. The plethora of activities available serve to allow our students to thrive within a supportive, green and diverse learning environment.

UEH Campus Life Events


Semaine de la Francophonie – Medine organise une série d’évènements autour de l’Intelligence Artificielle et l’Interculturel

Semaine de la Francophonie - Medine organise une série d'évènements autour de [...]


Unitici International Education Hub accueille l’American Business School of Paris

Unitici International Education Hub accueille l’American Business School of ParisLe campus Mauricien [...]


Uniciti International Education Hub becomes the regional representative of FutureLearn

Uniciti International Education Hub becomes the regional representative of FutureLearn Pierrefonds, September 26, [...]


UIEH Hackathon Challenge 2023

UIEH Hackathon Challenge 2023Congratulations to the DeepGrid team for winning UIEH Hackathon [...]


Uniciti International Education Hub célèbre ses nouveaux ingénieurs

Uniciti International Education Hub célèbre ses nouveaux ingénieursUniciti International Education Hub, le [...]


Effective Time Management Strategies

Effective Time Management StrategiesUNICITI International Education Hub hosted the “Effective Time Management [...]

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#2022 UEH Student Priviledge Card
The UEH Privilege Card unlocks access to interesting discounts in various shopping outlets, restaurants, leisure parks and medical services around the island


Dr Mary Tai Kie, General Medecine - 10%
Dr Shaywin Moti, Gynecologist - 10%
Dr Bernard Baptiste, Sports Specialist - 10%
Dr Kim Fook Chong, Dermatologist - 10%
Dr Aline Harbec Atchia, General Medecine - 10%
Dace de Maroussem, Chrono Nutrition - 10%
Laetitia Tennant, Nutritionist - 10%
Cloe de Speville, Nutritionist - 10%
Vanessa Cherval, Massage Therapist - 10%

Dario Thompson, Massage Therapist - 10%
Priscille Papeche, Massage Therapist - 10%
Yana Bhageerutty (Oak & Neem), Psychologist - 10%
Caroline Couronne - Grenouille, Psychologist - 10%
Marie Helene Walter, Psychotherapist - 10%
Marie Agnes Bestel, Kinesitherapist - 10%
David Braunecker, Kinesitherapist - 10%
Nasrine Faucheux (Orient U) Professional/Educational Counsellor - 10%
Sandra Gungarum, Orthophonist - 10%
Sandhya Tina Staub, Coach-Personal Development - 10%

Shop & Leisure

The Sushi Factory - 5%
Cavalia - 30% - Entry Fees, 20% - Lessons Packages, 20% - Trail Rides
Exploration Sousmarine Ltée - Rs 1,700, Initiation - Rs 12,000
6 Diving Sessions + 2 Free Sessions

Allsport Ltd - 10%
Cash Payment- N/A to items on promotion - 7% Card Payment
Go Sport & City Sport - 15%
Casela - 1 Free ticket, Upon purchase of 2 Thrill Mountain activity
Aquacity - 20%

Keep the Pace - 10-20%
Dodo Quest - Rs 300
Medine Pépiniere - 10%
SPARC - Rs 700
Membership fee only, No Joining fee applicable.
Courir - Bagatelle - 15%
Call It Spring – Bagatelle - 15%
I AM – Bagatelle & Riche Terre - 15%
ALDO - 15%

residence facilities

Student Life Residences (SLR) aim to be a home from home for the hundreds of students looking for a rewarding student experience while they study in Mauritius, whether they be Mauritian or foreign nationals. As a unique accommodation of its kind in the country, SLR caters for student needs and provides facilities to augment their learning experience.

In-house facilities account for:

  • Security 24/7
  • Common living spaces
  • Internet facilities via optical fibre
  • Support teams for all students, including hall committees
  • Laundry services
  • BBQ facilities
  • Wheelchair-accessible rooms
  • Discounted rates for SPARC and some shops at Cascavelle Shopping Village

Beyond our campuses

Go beyond our campuses and explore all that the West has to offer. Buses take you to the nearest coastal village of Flic-en-Flac with bars, clubs, restaurants and its pristine sandy beaches. There are plenty of other activities around for you to enjoy in the region too, including catamaran cruises, dolphin watching, golf, Casela Nature Parks, Yemen Natural Reserve, Cavalia horse riding centre,  to mention a few.