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Created in 1965, SUPINFO is one of the very first schools of higher education to have seen the place that IT was going to take in companies and society.



Since its creation, the school has offered concrete training, oriented towards the IT professions in companies, providing large French companies with thousands of technical managers and engineers with a passion for innovation.

In August 2020, SUPINFO joined the IONIS group, the leading private higher education group in France with more than 35,000 students on 27 campuses in France and abroad, through 29 schools and entities.

Under this new management, the school has remained faithful to its pioneering identity in the field of IT, while continuously updating its programme to better meet the expectations of the sector.

SUPINFO is part of: 

Master in Information System Management –

Expert en Management des Systèmes d’information

The Master in Information System Management - Expert en Management des Systèmes d’information at Ionis School of Technology and Management (ISTM) is a 5-year programme certified by National Registry of Professional Certification (RNCP) as Level 7 with reference RNCP35284.

5 Year 

Tuition fees:
Year 1 to 3 is 6,000 EUR (per year) and  4 to 5 is 7,500 EUR (per year)

Awarded by:
Ionis School of Technology and Management (ISTM)

Year 4 - March 2024
Year 1 - October 2024

The SUPINFO curriculum encompasses all the specialised subjects in the field of Information Systems Management: software engineering, systems and networking, artificial intelligence, data analysis, Internet and intranet technologies, etc.  Course delivery is designed to provide theoretical and practical training to prepare students for careers in the IT field.

The skills learned with this qualification can be resumed as follows: 

  • Analysing the needs of the information system of a company;
  • Designing the necessary functional and technical upgrades;
  • Managing information systems projects,
  • validating and deploying the Information System;
  • Promoting and selling Information System transformation and/or digital transformation solutions,
  • Devising a digital transformation strategy using data analysis, etc.

Language Taught: English

Main subject Learn: Programming, Web development, Data Science, Networking, Operating System, Cybersecurity, Cloud computing, AI, Software Engineering, Mobile app development, IOT, etc.

Mode of Delivery: Blended Learning (face-to-face and online teaching) / Block teaching

Specialisation stream starting in year 4:: Cloud and Mobile Development and Cybersecurity

Strategic partners: AWS academy, Microsoft, Cisco

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Contact Number: 401 2400 / 2412 


Why this programme?

SUPINFO remains the reference in the sector in France by training profiles with strong generalist skills. The school also offers specialised courses that allow students to develop real expertise in the areas that matter today: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and the cloud. The programme is mainly oriented towards a professional purpose. The programme is characterised by the subjects linked to information systems management.

With a constantly updated programme, the student discovers new technologies that will lead them to new openings. The aim is to train recognised IT specialists who are effective in business with solid skills in information systems management, Networking, data science, AI, Cybersecurity or the Cloud.


  • Students can join the programme immediately after the completion of their secondary school.
Entry Requirement:

  • Year 1 - Baccalaureate, A-Levels with minimum of 2 A levels and 2 subsidiary level subjects or equivalent.
  • Year 4 - Students with a Bac + 3, scientific or technical Bachelor's degree. Knowledge of computer science is required.
  • Entry also accessible by the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE).

Career Opportunities

Obtaining this degree will open up various avenues for potential career prospects, including roles in web and software development, network and systems administration, cybersecurity, data science and big data, project management, and IT infrastructure management, among others.